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About Us

Future Farm AgriTech products improve food equity and quality while benefiting the ecosystem.

Our Story

The idea for Future Farm AgriTech was born from our desire to address and potentially solve the issue of food inequality while also improving the environment.

Currently, the agricultural industry relies heavily on products filled with chemicals and pesticides. These products have been developed with little consideration for personal and environmental impact. These unethical solutions often not only harm the health of farmers, but also damage the ecosystem. Additionally, the pesticides meant to increase crop yield have been found to eradicate other crops.  

It is widely recognized that farming is a labor-intensive industry and profitability can vary greatly depending on several factors. Small-scale farms, which are responsible for supplying a significant amount of our edible produce yet have not received sufficient attention, especially in relation to root and tuber crops like potatoes. These crops are among the most commonly consumed vegetables worldwide. Unfortunately, small-scale farms have been declining over the years due to health concerns and income uncertainty.

Driven by this knowledge and testimonials, Future Farm AgriTech has set out to design and develop a new solution. By 2050, farmers will need to increase food production by approximately 60% in order to meet the demands of a growing population. The current systems in place, both in our country and in others.

“Methods must be improved. This is where Future Farm AgriTech finds its inspiration, determination, and passion. Our motto: "Taking farming to new levels".”

Our Crew

Lisa York, Founder/President

Lisa York , acting CEO

Lisa York, CTO

Jeff Jones, CTO/CFO



Jacarna Schuler, Director of CAD Engineering

TBD, Director of Sales

TBD, Advisor 3

TBD, Advisor 2

Lucien J. Houenou, MS, MBA, PhD.
Professor of Biotechnology

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